January 19, 2009 10:13pm CST
do you really believe that there are other people there outside our planet? Are we really alone in this vast Universe?
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• Qatar
20 Jan 09
Thats is really funny !! do you usually think of that ?? how old are you ? sure there are no aliens out there " outside our plant" there is no life !! the life is only in our world ...don't worry my friend if so , why they didn't show up all this years ? ^_^
30 Jan 09
i know it seems unbeleivable. but then in the vastness of the universe it is really selfish for us to think that we are alone
• Qatar
30 Jan 09
ya well , I know how is that feeling lookes like , but don't go so far.*_^
• Chennai, India
26 Jan 09
I believe these things are 'whether to believe or not' things. Unless we experience, we won't believe in some things. Some things, we just take it when the experts establish it. A colleague of my office said that he saw a spirit in the toilet. We don't believe him. But still some of colleagues go to the toilet in groups.
@syang0901 (120)
• China
23 Jan 09
I believe that there are other people there outside our planet. We're not alone in this vast Universe. The aliens can live if Water, food and other living conditions are on that planet. Perhaps the aliens can speak or use other methods to communicate.
• Singapore
20 Jan 09
I believe there are other civilizations much like ours in the universe. No one can deny the fact that it is impossible to be 100% sure that there are living things out there but there is still a possibility that another planet much like ours may exist.