will you feel unhappy when your friends get ahead of you?

January 20, 2009 1:08am CST
i have some friends.we play together from childhood.now some of them go to famous universities for further study,some get well paid jobs in multinational companies. i don't want to fall behind of them and i find that their success increase pressure on me.but they are my friends,i should be happy, for they are so excellent. how do you feel if your friends get ahead of you? will you try your best to catch up with them?
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• Indonesia
10 Feb 09
I had the same experience with you,i finished my college after six years.I know that was a very long time to study,and when i still in college my friends are already have a good job in a good position.First, i feel very jealousy but it can make me a good motivation for my success and do what they have done.And now, if i meet my old friends i'm not feel jealous anymore,i feel happy reunion with old friends and that remind me about our beautiful memories
• United States
27 Jan 09
It does make me pretty unhappy, but not in a jealous sort of way. It's more like I feel unhappy about myself because I know I'm not at the point I should be in life at my age. I'm always happy to see friends make it; at the same time, it makes me wonder why things didn't turn out the same way for myself as well.
@dpk262006 (56484)
• Delhi, India
23 Jan 09
Everybody has different goals and different perceptions and different levels of determination. I do not compere myself with my friends. Those who went ahead of me, were more determined than me and those who could reach upto my level were probably lacking in determination.
@youless (93512)
• Guangzhou, China
21 Jan 09
Not at all. It's OK for my friends to have a better job. It's no problem for me. A real friendship doesn't include the fame, money, career etc. I am glad for them. I love China