How do you celebrate your birthday??

@Hrishi86 (676)
January 20, 2009 1:25am CST
Hello friends I wanna ask a question here that how do you celebrate your birthday. There are different ideas use many people to celebrate it. Some celebrate it religious form, some passess their time in between friends and parents. So what kind or celebration you use??
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@yopyyop (188)
• Romania
4 Mar 11
When there is my birthday I just give a very big party and call all my friends to came and have as much fun as we can. Of course drinks and food are from the house.
• India
3 Mar 11
I have always celebrated my birthdays, but how I celebrated it always changed with time. During primary schooling -- I used to distribute chocolates in my class and to all the teachers in school. At home, I had a party with all my friends. Lots of balloons, cakes, music, dance, and great fun. During later schooling -- I used to celebrate by giving party to my friends. They all come at my home and we celebrate in a great manner. Dance, music, cakes, and a lot of fun. During college life -- I used to arrange a party for all my friends. Music, dance, fun, drinks, and great enjoyment. We used to dance till the morning. It was a great fun time. After marriage -- Now I am celebrating my birthday in a very decent manner. My family and friends wish me. They give me gifts. There is preparation of food of my choice at home. Sometimes I have donated to needy persons money or clothes or food. This is how I have celebrated my birthdays in whole my life.
@sfjalex (46)
• India
29 Aug 09
well in our family we never celebrated our birthdays we dont even wish that person but a nice dinner will be made but when it comes to others birthdays i wish south chennai mostly people dont give much importance to birthdays
• United States
20 Jan 09
Usually for my birthday my husband and kids will bake me a cake and plan a dinner for me. We usually go out to my favorite restraunt. Then a few weeks later we head to vegas, as my husbands birth day is like 23 days after my birthday and our anniversary is right in between our birthdays. So its kinda a mixed birthday anniversary gift when we go to vegas.