Should ronaldo leave Manchester united or not

January 20, 2009 2:48am CST
ronaldo is a great player we all i am asking this should he leave manchester united or not.............he is gaining great popularity in man.utd so should he leave
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• India
21 Jan 09
NO not at all . Ronaldo should no leave manchester. It is the very soul of man u. WIthout him it is nothing. We have already seen this at the starting of the season. Manu was among the bottoms. And now when he had come. It is at top. No player can take his positions in the team. No one.WIhtout him man u is nothing but a group of inexperienced player. Not able to win. Well i didnot liked either man u nor ronaldo. But i liked liver pool and torres . and i want some competition for them . And manu is exact competition for liver pool . I am just hoping that manu will loose their next game and liverpool will win.
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@raj1928 (14)
2 Mar 09
I think he should leave man U .playing in diff conditions ,diff players he will improve.
• Nigeria
10 Mar 09
Anyone who watched liverpool vs Real Madrid today will agree with me that the score wouldn't have been any less with Ronaldo in it. He's good, but i can't quite call him great, because he has high quality back-up, and they all know how to bring the best out of him. Kudos to Sir Alex Fergusson
@1hamm3r (180)
• Norway
27 Feb 09
I think that Sir Alex Ferguson would never let Ronaldo leave Manchester United. Ferguson was the man that created him, made him like he is. He let Ronaldo do what he wanted on the field when he was younger(That was when he never sent a pass and just were dribbling). And see how good he is now. He is meant for Manchester United
• Thailand
14 Feb 09
the best for him and united, is that he stay
• Japan
21 Jan 09
I think most of the Man U haters would like to see him gone. Liverpool would but then again they suck!!!!! I think it`s best that he stay. He has a better chance at fame a fortune there.He already has enough money now the key is does he want to be remembered as a great players. Great players make their team better and win cups.
• Japan
20 Jan 09
No, he is able to do the things he does because of those around him. Put him on a team with less talent and he doesn`t do as well.
@coditza (34)
• Romania
20 Jan 09
No. if he leave Manchester United he won't play as good as he is playing right now