Will we get tired of modernity one day?

@dawon007 (184)
January 20, 2009 3:07am CST
I sometimes think that it was better to live in the ancient world. Ofcourse I want modern medicine and sanitation facilities. Other than that I don't want anything much from the modern world. I would be a farmer or a trader then and will enjoy the pure nature and will live a more stress-less life. I am too tired of the polluted city and the competition of the modern world. What do you have to say about this?
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• India
22 Jan 09
I think that living a life without any risk or competition doesnt account much. Earlier ages life was not that fast as was today . Today people dont have much time to listen to others needs. They are always thinking about themselves and their family. The warmth shared between people was lot healthier earlier as was that of today. In a way modernity is responsible for this. But though it is a disadvantage its merit are many. We learn to take more challenges if their is competition . Hence competive spirit iis goood in that way. Earlier people didnt have that much ambition . they were content with what they have. But todays generaytion is different. their aim is to strive and enjoy life to the fullest. So in a way we can enjoy modernity if we work hard in our life.
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@yunzhige (311)
• China
20 Jan 09
Hi,dawon007!! I have the same puzzle.I think this question for a long time.After read a lot of books about human and life.I knew that there are only three ways for me to continue my life,one is change the circumstance we lived,another one is change myself to adapt myself to the circumstance.Both of these two thoughts are positive.The worst choice is negative attitude to life.Avoid the world or the mordern society alone. I choose the positive way.Live in this imperfect world and try to make the dream come true.I'd like to find more interestings in my whole life.
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@denise002 (444)
• Australia
20 Jan 09
its the simple things in life that bring us joy. we have over complicated our lives so much. but we are a customed to this life style now and its too late to turn back. but everyone should slow down every once and a while and really give thought to what makes them happy and not to take things for granted. life before they big cities and million dollar mansions was probably just as satisfying for the ages that lived the way they did years and years ago
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• Hong Kong
20 Jan 09
I share the same notions that the earth is being much polluted, and the work life puts many people under great pressure. I enjoy the nature and the rural life. However, we should not forget there is also competition among farmers. They have to soil and work very hard from sunrise till sunset. When the weather is bad, their harvest would be much affected, and what can they do to substitute for their loss? I don't know. But what we perceive about their life is only one side of the picture.