@gemini13 (333)
January 20, 2009 4:49am CST
how did my rating gone down from 8 to 7 :-(
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@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
20 Jan 09
Well one way to have your star value drop is to start discussions like this with no content. Another way is to partake in negative discussions that Mylot deletes. You can lose your earnings and also your star rating.
@gemini13 (333)
• India
21 Jan 09
thanks man
@Metalchick (1387)
20 Jan 09
Your mylot reputation star is determined largely by other users here and how helpful they find your posts. Since joining a few months back my star has fluctuated up and down. The only way to improve your star and get it back up to an 8 is to continue to post really in depth, high quality posts. It's then up to the other mylotters here to rate your posts and responses using the plus or minus sign which can be seen to the right of each post. You as an individual can also determine other users but you cannot rate yourself as this will defeat the object. Hope this gives you a little more infor as to why your star has decreased. To me the sole reason is another user here has selected the minus sign next to one of your posts. It may not even have been a bad post submitted but you do find that some users might have a very different opinion to you and instead of giving there's they'll rate you down as well. It's a shame this happens and I don't tend to rate people down as I think everyone has a valued opinion here no matter how different. On occasions I vote in favour of posts if they are really exceptional.
@sdas86 (6076)
• Malaysia
20 Jan 09
Hi, The rating will always go up and down. If you participated in discussions that are being deleted, it might hurt your rating. Sometimes, if you get negative rate, your rating will be hurt too.