What kind of relationship do you keep with your animal?

January 20, 2009 12:24pm CST
It has become fashionable to raise pets at home. Right now, you can see there are many pet dogs running in the streets or in the squares following their masters. And most of them are so lovely and beautiful that they attract lots of people's attention. Some of them even wear clothes and are washed very clean. Some people who own pet dogs or pet cats raise the animals in the family not only because they are lovely but also because some of them regard them as a member of their own families. For me, although i like them very much but i am a little afraid of their dirtiness. So i don't ususally touch them. What do you think? And what kind of relationship do you keep with your animals?
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• South Africa
20 Jan 09
We share an apartment with three cats. Because we live in the city, right off a busy street, our cats never get outside the door, so they are probably a lot healthier than we are - they don't really get exposed to outside threats. For the same reason, they are at the moment practically flea-free. Obviously, you have to wash your hands when you clean out their litter tray, etc. I'd be a bit more reluctant about handling someone else's pets. On the subject of clothing for pets, at the moment I work some days in a local craftmarket and the people at the stall next door sell all sorts of clothing for dogs, including lifejackets.