Whatever you like

United States
January 20, 2009 2:13pm CST
ok this is one of my favorite songs out right now, what girl wouldn't want everything that is in this song? This song makes me think how great it would be to have all of these things and wonder about that type of lifestyle I would have if I had all of these things. My question is do you think that having all of these things related to this song would be a healthy lifesyle and would it really make you happy or would you be more content with the lifestyle that you have now. I mean having a man to "gas up a jet for you tonight and baby you can go wherever you like" that would be great but would it be how you would want to live your life?
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• United States
20 Jan 09
I love this song! Money is nice to have and its great if you have a man to spend it on you. Even with all the money in the world sometimes it cant bring happiness. Its nice to think about being able to have whatever you like, but its also nice to be thankful for what you already have.