electrooooooo!!! ftw dddaaannnccceee

January 20, 2009 2:39pm CST
Do you like electro!! if yes, dance at the best beat you have got on you computer tight nowwww!!! man i love that stuff. but am I the only one? a lot of my friends dont like that godbeats, so i have to go alone to parties :(. but there a make much new friends, and every electro party, they are there, dancing with me to thaaaa beatssss!!! wich are your favorite artist(s)? and DUBSTEP is even awesome as electro dance, dance with me to the beats of heaven
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• United States
21 Jan 09
Electronic can be defined many ways. In the traditional sense, I like Oakenfold, and there are a lot of new people out there I don't recall the names, but I can identify the beat. Orbital has some really great remixes that can be classified there as well. Underworld is more trance, but more traditional rave music in my opinion. I make a lot of beats on my computer, for my partner and I to listen to and sometimes even have mini-raves.