So, did everyone enjoy Vince McMahon's return to Raw?

@Marcola (2776)
United States
January 20, 2009 4:06pm CST
The thing that kind of irritated me was how they kept saying, "Mr. McMahon hasn't been on Raw in 6 months." Ok, yesterday was January 19th. The Milion-Dollar McMania took place in June and Vince's "hospitalization" occured on June 23rd. That's closer to 7 months. Maybe I'm nitpicking. Well, Vince seems to be a face now and he and Stephanie will run Raw now....but wait! Randy Orton comes out to the ring to confront Stephanie. It all ends with Randy "kicking Vince's head off." So, how long is Vince going to be gone now? Ted Jr. was "injured" for, I think, three months following that "devastating kick." Is Vince going to be walking around Raw next week a-ok? Does anyone else think Vince's "Who the hell do you think you are?!" sounded a little off last night? He didn't have his normal snarl in it.
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• Canada
20 Jan 09
i missed that. i've missed a lot lately. haven't had time to watch in in years. i used to really be into wrestling. anyway smack down os comming to my town next month and i got tickets, can't wait
@Marcola (2776)
• United States
21 Jan 09
Smackdown is the best show they have right now, IMO.
• New Zealand
24 Jan 09
Actually I was curious to see the return of the boss. I was even opened a topic a about that last week. Yes, I enjoyed watching Vince McMahon back in Monday Night Raw. Sadly, I guess he will not me much around any time soon, just because, Randy Orton gave him a monstrous kick in his head. I think the storyline team has to keep him away at least for several weeks. But, I think it will be interesting and different to see Vince McMahon feuding up with Randy Orton, because so far we have only seen Vince McMahon feuding up with fan favorite superstars. This time with not so-fan favorite superstar and I am waiting for this kind of storyline in WWE. May be an handicap match between Vince McMahon and someone VS Randy Orton in WrestlMania 25.