Wow A New Computer Virus that is self multiplying. Read if you value your comp.

United States
January 20, 2009 9:12pm CST
Well it all start by doing something I shouldn't have been doing lol which was downloading programs. However the site was a paid program site i think I paid 2 dollars or something to get access to all the files I needed. I downloaded a search engine optimization software and I received more then what I bargained for. The virus start off slow, however it was starting out slow because it access all of my admin settings and changed them. It made its self a admin password. It then wouldn't allow me to download any .exe programs or even run them. So virus software was out of the question. When I tried to search in a search engine it would allow me, however it wouldn't allow certain words to come up such as anti-virus or fix and several other words. After about 5 days of having it the computer began to shut down after i restarted it, however i was able to fix that and run it in safe mode with networking. After I did this I was able to get on a tech forum and they tried so hard to help me get through it, but nothing helped. Until one of the forum admins told me to try a online virus scanner that was free. So I did it and it took a part of the virus that wasn't allow me to download .exe files and run them away. At this point I only had a limited amount of time before it did the same thing again, so i downloaded combo fix and it worked very well, it took 191 .dlls that the virus created and deleted them and then it was sending xml files to the web and there was over 1000 of those. What I didn't know was that it was a self multiplying virus meaning after it was deleted it would immediately create itself again lol. At this point I was about to give up. However I didn't I had to beat it. So I used a program to shutdown processes 1 by one and i contained the virus and deleted it and didn't allow it to recreate itself at all. This was by far the worst experience i have ever had with viruses. The worst part is i have a 4 year degree in computers and i still had this hard of a time. Up until this point I have never had problems of getting rid of a computer virus. I hope this helps anyone who gets it. Note your virus scanners can't pick this up its so new and state of the art. I had the forum people try and it failed every time.
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@Debs_place (10525)
• United States
8 Feb 09
I can only say one thing my friend (other then sorry this happened to you) -- Get a Mac!