What is Your Reaction To the New Payment Method of No Expiry??

January 20, 2009 10:23pm CST
I have just received a private message from noexpiry informing the members that they have new payment method. They called it as the "Evowallet."Acorrding to the CEO: " It has a very low fee, fast transfer and is simple to use. In order to encourage people to try out this currency, we came up with a 1 month promotion from 21 Jan - 22 Feb 2009. This promotion allows the first 10 members that reach the threshold of $5 dollars, to request payment through Evowallet."What is your reaction on this message?They did not indicate if we can still request through paypal? I do not want another payment method. I think if they don't have paypal as a mosde of payment, I will rather leave the site. What about you?
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