when to say it's over?

January 21, 2009 12:19am CST
Most of the people have been involved in a pseudo relationship. No commitment involved, uncertain on your role to your partner's life. You can't always count on him to be there for you, you can't demand and you can't be jealous. You get tired of thinking for you're not sure of his feelings for you. You try to answer the question, is there really a relationship at all. You try to stay in spite of the fact that there's really no relationship and each of you thinks that everything is just for fun or for other benefits. You're afraid that when he gets cold, that would be the end of everything. You'll soon find out that the relationship is fake but the pain is real and that's the consequence. But how can you really say it's over when you have found yourself in love with the person but found him to have a pseudo relationship with somebody else? Will you fight for love to win him back? Or just stop and say to yourself, "It's over now!"
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