You prefer Mac or Win if you plan to buy a new laptop or desktop?

January 21, 2009 12:40am CST
during my study in college, I dreamed to have a desktop, but that was too expensive for me, after my starting work, I began to learn how to use Mac, you know, my boss used Mac everyday, and he asked his employee to use Mac too, you can imagine that it is difficult to use another operation system when you are familiar with Win operation system so much. I often made mistakes, but fortunately, he always showed me patiently. that's a good time for me, Now I sold my Powerbook, ibook, and bought a new white macbook, the key reason i bought mac is that i dont worry about viruses everyday. but sometimes i cant play some popular games based on win. so i bought one win laptop again later. what about you? buy a mac or win?
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