Do you listen to Indie music?

January 21, 2009 2:33am CST
I listen to Indie music because it has so much more to offer to listeners. The lyrics prove that it isnt a song composed just to get attention of the public but to inform the public of stuff they dont see or hear in the various forms of media that have led them blind of what is really happening around them...
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• Philippines
26 Jan 09
Well actually this depends of the genre indie.. There's like slow indie, rock indie, classical indie... and so on. To give a sample, I like Mazzy Star and Bonobo. Both are slow-classical indie. Good songs they have if you want to have peace of mind and just unwind and to concentrate more of your inner energy. So in your case, the one indie songs you like, I guess that would be the rock indie, if I'm not mistaken. Well I get confused of what you typed.. Anyway, many people think that people who enjoy listening to Indie music are emos and punk (kind of), true enough, but not all appreciate indie music are emos and punk. It's just a kind of perception they have cause of what this people wear and how they act. But whatever, I love indie music and I recommend people to listen to Bonobo's song, especially the "Terrapin" if you like peace of mind.
@Severin (38)
22 Jan 09
I too would consider indie to be my preferred genre, however I consider that if pop music is good too I would never rule out listneing to it either
• United States
21 Jan 09
I love indie music...that's how I found Soulidium and 10Years before they made it big...there is a great website that has all genere's of music and some very good bands...and you can DL the songs