Another PTC turned SCAM! Its this time! Selling his site for 20K USD

January 21, 2009 3:53am CST which was an INSTANT Payment website turned scam today. So sincerely, they have told today that there are running loss. This is what they said, cannot continue services, We simply do not have enough resources to keep it running. is for SALE. We are worth over 20,000USD. We will settle for 40%... This is negotiable." Imagine, this is just a PTC website and the admin claims its value as 20,000USD! SO if he develops scam websites like this around 4-5 per year, he will have a whooping 100000USD per Year! Imagine! This is what these scammers do. First create a website, gain traffic, popularity, sell upgrades which generates money for them, then within 1 year or so, or even before 1 year, sell the site for more than 15000USD which is very very high income. Imagine the domain will cost him only 10USD per month with hosting of lets say 10USD and if he has a website designer or someone who works under him, will pay him 100USD per month, then also he earns a lot from such websites. They key to stop these kind of scamming is to stop clicking in all Generation 2 PTC script websites. The reason behind this is that in the month of december, for celebration of New year and Christmans, the Gen2 script people had sold the scripts for half the price instead of 80USD they were selling the instant payment script for around 40USD. So obviously, many people would have purchased it at that time and now some sites are launching while some are still on launch. So its better not to click at those type of websites as this will prevent scammers to born in the PTC industry. Just keep clicking in trusted websites like Neobux and other trusted websites, coz if you dont do this, then full PTC industry will sink and genuine websites will also have to close down due to loss.
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