Peer pressuer

United States
January 21, 2009 10:57am CST
Do you think that when people are pressuer into doing somethnig that they don t want to do. So I think that when you are being pressuer to do something bad that might hrut you or someone you loved or one of youer friends.So I say no to peer pressuer and anythnig to do with it so say no or be the bigger men and walke I said walke alway. So if your so called friend tells you to somke tell him to lave you alone and mess with someone your that wants to do that stuff but I doubt he or she will do anything you tell them to. So I always say if they perssuer you dont do it.It will only get you not me but oyu in so big trouble not only you but the people you who did it with you so dont be force to get yourslef in more touble then you allready are is. I think that you sould do your best in walke in love in place will follow you every were you go.
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