Compromise, is it a good thing when dealing with an obnoxious child

January 21, 2009 5:37pm CST
My 11 year old son constantly deals with frustrations with his sister by hitting her all the time, this to me is just not on. I do not like, at all! Everyday I am battling with him and constantly devising ways with him that he will stop doing this, but to no avail. Just the other day I was chatting to my cousin who has a very vast and intriguing wealth of knowledge when it comes to children and she suggested compromising with him, not a bad idea. After thinking it through I spoke to my son and said to him that if he can put in the effort and resist the urge to hit his sister then he would be rewarded with something that interests him, like a car magazine. No PS2 games though, that was the condition. He thought about it and decided for himself that he would not do this anymore no matter how hard or how annoying she gets and just give it a shot. What a brilliant idea, he now doesnt even bother with her, he has realized in order to achieve his goals or gain the cool stuff he has to truly earn it, therefore I have come to realized that the only way I can deal with him is by compromising with him. Is it a good thing?
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@sassy28 (835)
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22 Jan 09
Might need to try this with my 9 year old. He is always hitting little brother. He does have ADHD, and is on medication. We have a doctors appointment to try to change his medicine, I think he is having some side affects with this one. One being the violence and the other headaches. He has been on other medications without these major side affects. The problem is with this medicine his grades are real good and with the other it wore off half way through the day. He was suppose to take it again after lunch, well that never worked because the teacher forgot and so did he. Maybe trying to reward him with something might help with the meaness to brother. He is not that way with any other kids just brother.