No more smoking in the car with kids ,it's about time.

January 21, 2009 6:19pm CST
In ontario today,the law as pass.NO MORE SMOKING WITH KIDS IN CAR.That in awsome.If there one thing that use to upset me,it was to look next to me and see a couple of children in the back of a car while mom or dad puff aways with no concern what so ever for there little one's lung.I'm sure some will still do it but at last now if the cop see them,they can get fine.It's better than nothing.
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• United States
13 Nov 09
i agree! make it a law everywhere. i get so mad when its raining and you see people with there windows barley open smoking with kids in there. even when i spot a car ahead of me where i cant see any kids yet but the parents hang there arm out the window like that makes it all better. i have tested this and been 100% right. there is always kids in there. i used to be a smoker and i still would get mad if i could smell the smoke. even if i step out of the car to smoke i made sure i was not just blowing it into the air intake. people are careless. its sick!