how do you define a open-relationship

January 21, 2009 7:03pm CST
my theory is like this,here being "open" is more than love,it is just one shouldnt stick to one person before he/she is settle down, cause nobody wanna miss the chance of meeting someone better than someone now she/he is having or just someone who is as great hahaha,,, that she/he might regret for the rest of her/his life for just dated one or a few person for their whole life and get married to the person. that might keep them wondering.. Though, i think it must be clear that till what level can you take the other person in this matter, til which level it is considered as cheating and what can you do and not. and both partner must know what is happening ,as being honest to each other. Plus, sometimes it is good to have more friends, close relationship is good too but people sometimes dont know how to spices up their relationship and take things for granted so why not get a bit of fun,depends on your level or tolerance for what can you take and do . hehe lastly, i think it is a real higher level or taking a relationship, both partners must truely love each other and trust here in other to make it happen.just my points, hehe, how would you think?
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