What made you choose your religion - specifically Christianity?

United States
January 21, 2009 8:45pm CST
I am very curious to know why people choose their religion. I am primarily interested in Christian religions. Were your parents your greatest influence? Did you seek God yourself until He led you to your current religion? Are you the same religion you were as a child? Are you the same reiligion as your parents? Do you fully understand your religion? Do you want to bring people to your church? Do you feel that you are completely fulfilled by your faith? Please answer these questions, I really want to know. I am happy to answer any questions that you have for me. Rebecca =)
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• India
22 Jan 09
yeah i am a christian.. And i am one because i was born into a christian family.. So ya, my parents did influence.. I have never seeked God. On the contrary, i have never felt the presence of god in my entire life.. i just prayed and went to church for fear of retribution... yes i understand my religion.. but not as much as to feel the faith.. and no, i do not feel fulfiled completely by my faith..
• United States
3 Nov 09
Nisha... I think it is sad that you do not feel fulfilled by your faith. It is also sad that not many people want to search out their own salvation as the Word of commands us to do. (Phillipians 2:12) His Word is what will determine where we go on judgement day, why do people not read it and study it in order to find out what they need to do to be saved. There are standards that must be kept and requirements in order to be saved. You cannot even work at a job where they do not require certain things of you, why do people think that they will be able to waltz into heaven as if nothing was ever required of them during this life. If Jesus - being our PERFECT example gave His life, why should we think that nothing is required of us? I challenge you and anyone who reads this to search HIS Word, and work out your own salvation with FEAR AND TREMBLING. Start where the church began in Acts the 2nd chapter. His Word promises that everything they received is still for us today!
• Philippines
22 Jan 09
hi rebecca_n_austin i dont choose my religion. my parents and relatives are all catholics. catholics are very free from anything. it's the best religion. but sad to say not anyone knows what religion they're into. they just know the name jesus and that's it.
@adoremay (2069)
• Philippines
22 Jan 09
I am a Roman Catholic since my parents are both Roman Catholic, I inherited the religion from them. When I was a child I haven't known any religion. But when I grew up, I have learned that there are other religions and I was also learning about what there religion is. I am born a Roman Catholic, I believe I will die as one. I think our faith does not depend on religion alone. I appreciate and respect other religions, If I was born in a different religion, I will also die bearing that same different religion. I don't close my mind on the beliefs and practices of the other religion, however all religion exists because of one thing, that there is that Someone Higher. I need not to search, if you believe in something, whether its there or not there, but the thought that you are believing in it give you that feeling that what you believe is true. It takes a strong conviction. As to bringing people or drawing people to what I believe in, I don't aim for it. Although it could be better if we go to the same church and if we bear the same religion. But what is more important is that we believe in a God. And i think we all have the same God.