electronics - the basic parts of technology today
@blogs86 (370)
January 21, 2009 8:58pm CST
how do you see technology in the future? technology has played a big part in our live, from helping us with the work to improving gadgets to the later and better quality. Robots have also been part of the technology industry, helping out with various jobs. So, what do you think technology will have in store for us 100 years from now?:-)
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@jimbomuso (950)
22 Jan 09
Hi blogs with a bit of luck the earth won't be a smoldering nuclear blast crater!! some of the technologies that should be in place are engery cell technology, nanotech(like paint on solar panels)quantum computers(the size of a watch but more powerful than a super computer).I really hope fusion technology will be around(moonrock could be vital for building fusion reactors). For all this to happen ther has to be convergence various technologies and manufacturing process combine to enable a new technology to be built like once nanotechnology takes hold it will allow quantum computers to be easier to build. Robots will be here in the next ten years commercially( various bots are currently being tested by several armed forces)