Sometimes it would pay to pay attention...

@reinydawn (11649)
United States
January 21, 2009 10:46pm CST
Oh Geeze, if this doesn't move me up in the idiot meter I don't know what will... Tonight, I'm going through my junk e-mail - I have a junk mail account that I use for all my internet stuff so that it doesn't get messed up with my "real" e-mail. Well, tonight I get this e-mail from what I thought was someone I'd met on myLot. The e-mail was about my family reunion - which I make a lot of discussions about, and also talk to my friends about. This person was asking if I had my heart set on a particular place, and that she'd found some place else that I might be interested in. At first I kinda wondered how this person knew I was looking where I was because she's not active here in myLot any more, but I figured I must have told her since we e-mail quite a bit. So, I send her an e-mail back telling her I was actually looking somewhere else now and I wasn't sure what we were doing. I tell her to let me know when she's planning on hitting this other place she suggested since it's not far from me (2 hours) and I'd like to hook up with her. I hit that stupid SEND button and then msn asks me if I'd like to add her as a contact. That's when I notice IT'S MY COUSIN!!!! She's got the same name, and they both sign off with their initial. Now, this is wonderful because I've been co-ordinating with my cousin this whole trip and now I'm springing on her things we haven't really talked about yet!!! Since there's no way to recall the message, I e-mail her back RIGHT AWAY and tell her I thought she was someone else and I'll call her tomorrow... She's NEVER e-mailed me at my junk e-mail address, always at my "normal" e-mail address... Oh, do I feel like an idiot or what??? This'll teach me to read the "from" e-mail address before I try to respond to someone!
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