ANy mylotters Alertpay Disputes for REFUND Have Worked or not?

January 22, 2009 3:08am CST
HAs anybody received their invested money back from disputes at alertpay? Many got scammed from PTC websites and filed a transaction dispute at alertpay. I have more than 6 7 disputes out of which for one I got the answer. And it was NO! THat was for sandraclicks as alertpay told me that the account of sandraclicks is low on balance and they are not able to provide any money. SO that dispute got closed. No others are still waiting. More than 30 days have passed but still there is no reply from alertpay. I have disputes for Buxout,osobux,instantrustbux,buxmega and sandra one more dispute. Has any mylotters recieved their money back from the websites? IF yes then how much?
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