the one thing you would save if you had a fire in your home?

United States
January 22, 2009 4:53am CST
What is the one thing that you would save if you had a fire in your home besides obviously your family? I think that if I had a fire in my house and could only save one thing there is alot i would want to save but I think that it would have to be two boxes, I have a box for each one of my sons it contains there baby book, birth announcement, foot prints, newborn pictures, first outfit they came home in, one of there pacifiers, letters from me to them, any other things you get the picture I started these when they were first born. this would be the most important to me because you can always replace everything else but them types of things you can't replace. it also has all of there pictures in it since they have been born and my sonogram pictures. So tell me what would you save if it came down to it or would you just get out and make sure that everyone is ok and leave it up to the fire department to try to get the fire our before everything is ruined?
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• India
23 Jan 09
well i pray to god that it will never happen in my home but if you had asked this and this is the part of our discussion then i must say that i will surely save my firstly my members of my home then my precious thing that i have got from my elders those are priceless to me so i will save that also and there is so much that i cant even explain it here also that i will save my whole house from fire i will use my extinguisher and all call fire brigrades and all so many thing that i can do to save my home