Get Paid to Read site not yet paying

January 22, 2009 7:36am CST
What do you do when a get paid to read e-mail site has not yet paid when it says it will pay you after a month of being a member and within 24 hours upon receipt of request for payment? a. report the site to the as a non-paying site; b. write invectives to the administrator and curse them no end; c. patiently wait for forever to get paid; d. all of the above e. none of the above?
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22 Jan 09
Ah I was wondering if there was some place you could report them to. I have never heard of gptboycott. What kind of organisation are they and what do they do? I have heard of people using certain sites only for them to not pay out or for them to suddenly disappear. I guess there's never a way to know for sure if a site will pay out, but checking online for other people's experiences is very useful. If they have done the same thing to many,many people, then there's a good chance they'll do it again. Is that was gptboycott does? A list of companies and people's experiences with them would be very useful. None of us wants to waste our time especially if we are doing these things because we are struggling to find ways of making money out of our spare time.
@nigenh (167)
• India
22 Jan 09
I would just stop my activity in that site until they pay me. If they keep extending it then my inactivity will also extend. If still they don't pay for a long time then I will move out of it & will report in other forums that it is scam & would advise others too to not to get cheated by that site. Thats it simple :)