Do you belive in love ...........................................

January 22, 2009 7:42am CST
Some people says that they fall in love with some body. But after some time they fall in love with any other person. Is it true love. I think love is not a match of two physics. It is a match of two souls. If we really in love with some body then does not matter that he/she beautiful and smart. His/her thoughts are more important than physic. His/her happiness becomes our own happiness that time. We realize his feelings and emotions in his/her eyes. That time no need to talk. every activity is going on through eyes. I say this because i am in love with my partner and i live together since 13 years. he is every thing for me.
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• India
23 Jan 09
hii punmsharma.yeah ur correct real love doesn't matter that he/she is beautiful and smart.But in now a days real love is vanishing in youth.Only the few people have the real love.Most of them are roaming on the raods and parks by telling that they are lovers.They will walk only few days together when they get bored they go off.This is not the love this is just attraction between them at that age. I am telling that PUNMSHARMA ur the geat and u r the great lover.Keep i up i proud of u.Real love is great and that will never die.I trust love. Friends happy mylotting.
@rieru08 (73)
• Philippines
22 Jan 09
I believe in love. Love knows no reason. Every individual can testify that. Love is irrational. The more we love, the less anything made sense. We accept our partner's weaknesses and imperfections. We forgive our partners' faults however many and grave they were. We see his/her existence as a part of our lives, a part of our own happiness.
• India
22 Jan 09
well i think you are perfectly alright that i also do believe in love because it is main thing that change a man and everything in the world is now to buy but this is only the priceless emotion love that you can't buy from any body it is the god wishes that if some one fall in love then he is very lucky because now he got every thing in this world