Don't Believe Everything ya Read........

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January 22, 2009 9:43am CST
How many times have we heard that? How do we know what is the truth in topics. Take history for example... I love history, but before mid-1950's I wasn't there, so how do I know something really happened in the 1920's, or 1800's? How do we know if Washington REALLY did cross the Deleware .. or not. What makes us believe something, or not believe something?
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22 Jan 09
You're right. I think we believe what we want to believe. Other than that, doing major researching is another way to see if the claim is valid or not ;)
@sataness (321)
22 Jan 09
Valid and interesting question. One of the things i tend to analyse in that way is the media coverings and the newspapers. Because even with writings from old chronicles you find so many biased writings that aim to stretch things to extreme simply to create drama in reality. The amount of wars and preconceptions caused through mass media is unbelievable. I understand your view with history, in college ive been studying sources revolving around the revolution of government at time of Henry VIII and the views are so different that it's hard to actually distinguish fact from emotive text. Look for the more key things- Key events, dates, names. Look over a broad scale of sources or research and simply find your own opinion. The data and facts in terms of numbers and names tends to be real, most of their actions also but historians differ their findings from reality sometimes. You can't really find truth in something you havent experiences before... all you can ever do, especially with history is just try to understand it.
• India
22 Jan 09
sorry bro i m not intresting in history so i cat give the answer but keepit up i thinkin that u r gra8 coz u r interested on history.................take care