my boxer dog Buddy

Santa and Buddy - Santa is me, and my beloved boxer Buddy his last chritmas with me
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January 22, 2009 1:43pm CST
i sent this discussion before, but i did not do it right with adding his photo. i am trying this again, sorry to all. Hopefully this time i hope i do it right. Once again Santa and my beloved boxer Buddy. His last christmas with me. He had to be put to rest due to kidney failure, he was only 3 years old. He is missed so much, When he passed he took a piece of me with him. Buddy was my best pal. I felt if i only knew his kidneys were failing when he was a little puppy, i wonder if i could have prevented his passing. I did have him to a vet, he did have a leaking problem, which the vet did tests and nothing showed. well i am taking it due to his leaking it was a sign of his kidneys, he went so quick in time when his body organs could not take it. It was one day he was great, then next he went down hill so fast. I took him to a vet again, and his organs were shutting down so fast, there was no hope for him, his organs were only 5 percent wroking. I was in shock, hearing the blood work results. I had to make the decission of putting him to rest, or taking him home to pass. He only had at the most 2 more days to live. In my heart, i knew the best thing to do for my best pal, Buddy, put him to rest. I sat on the vets floor with Buddy on my lap, petting him in his favorite spot on his neck, telling him i love him so much, and i was so very sorry, crying and crying. I got Buddy cremated, and I have him right by me on my pc desk. He is with me in sprit. Thank you all, since my first discussion did not get a picture on it, i felt it ws best to try again, and write a little more about my Buddy. Thank you all
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