why do guys have to hide their true feelings?

January 23, 2009 1:07am CST
Why do we always have to guess what they feel and think about us (girls)? For example: If they like us or not? I'm curious..
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@syang0901 (120)
• China
23 Jan 09
Not all the guys hide their true feelings. It depends on their own characters. Maybe you have to ask them directly or indirectly about their feelings if you want to know the answers of your doubt.
@loveyevi (513)
• United States
23 Jan 09
I think it is the way guys are raised differently than girls. They are taught not to cry or express feelings in public, etc... They are more reserved with their emotions which makes them harder to open up and talk to you. This is not true with all guys, and some are just fine. So it just depends on what guy you happen to be talking to.