retaliate or so be it??

@vanities (11401)
Davao, Philippines
January 24, 2009 3:22am CST
hey guys ..i know this topic or issue that im going to ask is a bit sensitive and very personal i guess but im just curious on your stand/opinion on this..if you don't wish to respond then its fine with me..i understand here's the question...if ever you found out your partner/hubby/friends/..cheating on you or shall we say betray you in some will you react? or do you retaliate to him/her?( that is by doing the same(cheating/betray)..
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@gr8life (6252)
• Malaysia
7 Feb 09
Hello vanities, If I found out that my husband is cheating or betraying me, I will confront him straight away and demand an explanation. I want it to be discussed right there and just give me a reason why he needs to do that to me. It depends on his answer and reaction. I will listen and if I think I can forgive him, I will forgive him. But like I said before in one of your discussions, I always give other people three chances to get back my trust or to make me believe that person. If he is still doing it, well...maybe it is the end of it.