Have you eaten at Tender Bob's?

@marisriel (1157)
January 24, 2009 2:29pm CST
My husband and I love meat very much. But he is more of the beef eater while I crave more for chicken and pork. The last time we were at the mall at SM The Block at West Avenue in Quezon City here in the Philippines, I gave in to my husband's craving for steak and so we found ourselves at Tender Bob's. That was the first time that we have eaten out there as we go usually go for Filipino restaurants. Tender Bob's has a foreign sound on it that's why we had put it on our last list. But that day we thought to check out the menu. The menu was displayed outside the restaurant so we had an easy way to decide whether we will be entering or not. It was a Saturday then but the place was not fully seated however we were attracted by the red and leather seats that were wide enough to accommodate three persons each. And so we checked out the menu. I must say that the food were all fairly priced considering the location of the restaurant and you have the option to order those meals who are meant for sharing. We checked out the steaks for example, if you would want to order a meal for your self, you can have the Ribeye steak for P225.00. If you are so hungry, they have the "starving" set for the price of P430.00. And if there were two of you who would be eating, you can order out the steak for 2 for P615.00 which is cheaper if you order the single set. The staff were warm enough to accommodate us to a good location and they gave balloons for my two kids to play with. The place is very clean and the whole room is bright with all the lights on since there are no windows for sunlight to get through. Air-conditioning is also enough not to give you the chills and the sweat at the same time. What was very good about the place are the television monitors placed on all four corners of the place showing four different programs. That means wherever you are located, you will have a clear view of the programs. I guess this is the best place to eat out during boxing fights of Manny Pacquaio. So my husband ordered his Ribeye steak and I ordered my chicken steak. The staff told us to wait 15-20 minutes for the order. So we went to the comfort room for a while to wash our hands. As expected, the comfort room was spotlessly clean complete with the toilet bowl, washing area, soap, tissue and hand-dryer. But there was only one room for doing all that, and boys and girls get to use that room. I played with the kids for a while inside the comfort room just to let time pass. So when we returned to our seats, I was expecting that it won't be long before our meals are served. But I was proven wrong. It took more than half an hour before our main course were served, thirty five minutes to be exact. Well, they served the onion soup after fifteen minutes of waiting but I guess the soup dried out from our stomach when the main course arrived. My kids were too hungry that they were out of mood when i urged them to taste the food at least. But to be fair, my husband enjoyed his steak but I did not enjoy my chicken. For me, the chicken steak tasted so much the same as the chicken I eat from SM Foodcourt. I am thinking until now that it must have been the effect of too much waiting. So to enjoy eating out at Tender Bob's, you should enter the restaurant with an empty stomach or be ready to wait. I also suggest maybe try out the food on the menu which you may not have eaten from other restaurants to avoid the anticipation that whatever you will eat here is far better than what you have eaten from other places. Don't fill your bladder with too much liquid if the place is packed since you will find yourself standing on a long line or going out of the restaurant to find the nearest bathroom. In general, our food trip to Tender Bob's was good because I really felt that my husband was satisfied especially with the gravy and sauces for his steak. But I don't think we are visiting Tender Bob's again in the soonest time.
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@icecroft (449)
• Philippines
2 Feb 09
We ate at Tender Bob's just two weeks ago, same branch. We were actually satisfied with the steaks (affordable and delicious) and luckily, we didn't have to wait for a very long time for our orders to arrive. I guess we went there during their off-peak hours. I also recommended the restaurant to my parents and they ate there during my dad's birthday -- only complaint they told me is that the senior citizens discount was applied only on my mom's steak (she's 60 and my dad's only 59 so he's not yet a senior citizen). That's understandable ofcourse, but they failed to include my mom's soup in the discount. I'm not sure if that was intentional or a careless mistake on their part (my mom didn't notice it until they went home). My boyfriend and I will probably go back in a month's time.. let's see what kind of service they'll be giving us then. Thanks for sharing this experience! :)