Got 40p, mate?

January 24, 2009 3:12pm CST
Today, whilst waiting for a bus, I heard the words "Have you got 40p?" meandering their way, person to person, towards me. Now, depending on my mood and whether or not I have it, I would normally give it up, but today I managed to strategically swerve the asker, letting them continue by. A girl waiting at the same bus stop was asked and gave it up, and that, I thought, was that. Shortly after, the bus arrived and the girl got on, followed by me (I just got on after, I wasn't stalking). As she paid for her ticket or showed her pass (whatever) her eye was clearly caught by the owner of the "Got 40p, mate?" question asking other people, as they went about their business. She complained to the driver that she was asked for 40p, which quickly doubled to 80p as her purse emerged. She seemed to seethe at the fact the asker was still requesting more change. I told her that I managed to avoid the question, and hinted that the asker probably had loads of money or didn't need it for anything important, to which she agreed and suggested they might only want the money for cigarettes. We both, along with others on the bus, endured our journey home. The End. As short and lovely as that story is, I was wondering how others feel about this kind of mild harrassment. What annoys (or perhaps pleases) you the most about 'spare change grabbers' stopping you? What else, along with "Got any change?" or "Give us a ciggy, mate!" have you been stopped for? And have you ever been asked for something, given the "No, sorry..." answer to, only to be asked the same question by the same person moments later?
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@uicbear (1902)
• United States
25 Jan 09
I used to give spare change or whatever when I was younger. I just thought, how hard it would be for me, how desparate would I have to be to ask a complete stranger for money? I don't know if I could do it. That all changed one day when I was in college on campus. I made a run to the local conveinence store and there was a guy standing outside. I recognized him but he didn't recognize me. I had actually given him a dollar here or there when he asked and I had it. I don't know why this day was different. Maybe because he hit me up for money in a different way. He asked for $5 so he could buy some food for his family. This hit me. So I told him I didn't have the cash but he could come inside with me and I'd buy him $10 in groceries on credit. He backed down. He said he could do alot more with the $5 cash cause he knew a better place to get it. I told him sorry, then I couldn't help. He was gone when I got out of the store. It made me a little angry and a little sad.
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@dorypanda (1584)
25 Jan 09
Yes, I've had a similar experience, unfortuantely, there seem to be a lot of them in Coventry. I was walking towards the car one day, when a bloke asked me for 20p, I smiled and said sorry and walked off.........walked about six paces on and another bloke asked me for 50p, again, I said sorry and walked off...........walked about 10 paces further and another bloke asked me for 50p!!!!! I do try and ignore these people, they do generally seem to be con-artists, however, if they entertain me with a very long and intersting story, I'll happily give them 20p, if I've got it, just for the pleasure of their imaginations.
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