@katb28 (225)
January 24, 2009 4:33pm CST
hi has anyone ever been given a prophercy that told you what your ministry would be and then you feel like your getting things so badly wrong that your futcher ministry will be taken from you. my question realy is this 1) do you belive in prophercy 2) do you belive that god can eventualy give up on you 3) have you ever lost your ministry 4) do you feel that it is possible to loose your ministry if god has prophicyed it many time. thanks for reading would love to here your responces
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• Canada
26 Jan 09
God never gives up on you. The only one that can give you. We are living in the prophesies of the end of time right now. Keep your eyes on the middle the prophesy of the king of the south and the North is forming. The only time you can lose your ministry is if you break God's laws.
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