Surviving Winter Weather

@kellys3ps (3726)
United States
January 24, 2009 4:55pm CST
While many areas of the country have been dealing with dangerous low temperatures, we have been fairly immune and have had temperatures in the 40s and 50s. Yesterday we got a pretty good rain storm, so I know how the weather can suddenly surprise you! Here are some tips for staying safe during the cold: Keep Warm: Bundle up and wear layers! Don't forget to wear a hat to keep your head warm. When Walking: Wear boots, and walk carefully - ice can be anywhere! When Driving: Always keep a blanket and other safety supplies in your car just in case. I'm sure there are plenty more precautions I've missed. Okay, now's your chance. Do you have any advice to add? Or, do you live somewhere that is not inflicted with snow and cold? If so, you can gloat. I promise not to delete your comments :)
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@syeryn (574)
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24 Jan 09
A few more tips for cold weather survival. Driving: Wet looking pavements can really be a thin sheet of ice called "black ice" so travel with care across this type of pavement. Keep your cell phone charged, you never know when you may need it to call for assistance. Another one I use under heavier snow warnings is to carry a shovel in the car with me. Having a way to dig yourself out of a snowbank or ditch could mean the difference in your survival. Pets: They may be covered in fur, but please provide a warm place for outside animals when the weather becomes severe. Beware of falling ice: Huge icicles form on trees and rooftops that can become lethal weapons when they fall. Be aware of your surroundings and on the alert for falling ice. and of course my favorite, only because of hearing it so much when I was growing up -- don't skate on thin ice.