What makes you say you cheated death??

January 24, 2009 10:20pm CST
My first experience was, I was on a swimming party with my friends on a private resort. I decided to buy more food and snacks. Outside, on the sidewalk, Iwas walking, there is a truck who overtake a jeep. The truck used the sidewalk as the road. And when was walking thinking of different things, I just turned back, and the truck is already very close, just about 2 seconds, I jumped to the very nearest empty spot to avoid the truck. The weird thing is, the trucked didn't honked at all. After that, the truck bumped to a tricycle. Luckily, nobody died or wa injured. Just minor damage on both vehicles. The second is, when I was asleep and had a high fever. I was dreaming that I'm in an operating room and the doctors and nurses are trying to keep me alive. I noticed that slowly, everything I see is fading away and turns white. And I can really feel how hard I breathe. And I thinked that I won't give up, and suddenly, I got myself up.
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@cici929 (37)
• China
25 Jan 09
Oh My God, I feel so afraid when I read your experience. And fortunately you are so strong and lucky. I have no this kind of experience , but I konw we should be careful nomatter what we do ,and treasure the life. Hope all of us good luck.