What will you do if you don't know how to choose between love and study?

@acegirl (127)
January 24, 2009 11:35pm CST
We knew each other on the internet and we knew we were schoolmates. He was two years older than me. He thought I ...speak like a dictionary, and he admires me a lot. But of course, I helped him a lot on his study. And we one night hung out together without letting my parents know, and I even cheated on them ..that I was going to the library... we didn't show anything to each other. But both of us could feel something, I believe he could! This is my first time that I've done such a crazy thing, it seemed impossible to me before, I could never think about that...My family education is very traditional, and my parents never doubt I would hang out with a guy... However, compared with my study, nous stops me from falling in love with him, but I sometimes don't know if I've already done so..I mean sometimes, I think we are just friends, we are just bro and sis...I don't know how he is feeling now. There must be something between us, but I don't know what it is. Nous tells me to focus on my school work. I keep struggling...I am confused and helpless.I even sometimes hope he can be a freshman soon...then I can escape... I think my adolescence came a little bit later, but it's sure to have come to me...
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@cambiste (1245)
• India
25 Jan 09
You should focus on your studies. Love isnt always true, you'll understand if you've fallen for more than one guy, before you've started focusing on a closer friend - and it may work out and then again, it may not. Then again, if you're not sure of whats going on, studies are the best medicine to while away the time. Victory in what we're learning has its own sweetness. Either way, studies are important because without it, getting a job or sustaining yourself or supporting family will be difficult. The knowledge always helps as well. From the start though, i dont there's ever been an option of study or love - both can happen simultaneously. And one can please the other. Happy mylotting.