Game of life

@blogs86 (370)
January 25, 2009 1:23am CST
What would you do in this game of life and death? You awaken to find yourself in a sparse ans barren room with a large, scarlet button on the farthest wall. you do not see a door nor any windows. the room is approximately 15 ft. all around painted a dull white. suddenly a digitized, metallic voice resembling those over P.A. system is heard in your room saying " listen closely for your life depends on it. you are in a room with a button. Another person is in another room with another button. you have 15 seconds to make your decision whether to press your button or not.. if you press your button the other person in the room will live. note that if you decide to press the button you will die. But if you both do not press the button you both will perish." Games we play often reflect things in ourselves. what is the significance of this game? what do you think is the idea it illustrate?
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@moondancer (7434)
• United States
25 Jan 09
I think it illistrates just how far you would go for another person or yourself depending on your chioce. I would just hope that no one ever has to deal with this situation. Now what I'd do, I would push the button. I would pray all the way there that I had time to do it and that I would be forgiven for my decision and allowed in heaven for basically killing myself.
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