Watching 50 Cent on VH1

United States
January 25, 2009 2:50am CST
So, I saw the workout episode, where 50 has to judge videos that the exercise contestants made. I was a little incredulous; 50 is a real rapper, he's a celebrity known for gritty, in-your-face rhymes. He raps about killing people, drugs, and hustling. I was shocked, because VH1 is a lame entertainment channel. Why would 50 lower himself, and possibly damage his credibility by appearing on this show? Although, I would agree with Hiphop pundits who would say that Hiphop is a job, and that it was never about 'the music' for this instance, it would be easy for a rapper to say something negative about 50 being on VH1. Then again, 50 doesn't have the same credibility that KRS-1, or some of the more intellectual rappers. He's there to sell a product. Maybe what Nas says is true, hiphop is dead.
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