One of the greatest Rock band are to play at WM25!! And Vince and Cena are fans.

January 25, 2009 6:47am CST
I was looking on and came across an article only a small one, saying a major Rock band arre playing at Wrestlemania 25. AC/DC are going to play at the event, although Im not sure what they will be playing and all, sure to be awesome tho.... heres a link to the article.... Cant wait to get the DVD then, gonna watch tht:D
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@arcidy (5016)
• United States
31 Jan 09
I think thats great news I love acdc and there new album is awsome I just wish I could of seen them in cocnert when they were at td garden last year but they were sold out and I couldnt get any tickets wich sucks. But I heard the themes will be shoot to thrill which is a good song and war machine so I cant wait to see them live even though they should do more then one song which would be cool.
1 Feb 09
Yeah Shoot to Thrill (live) and War Machine. So Im guessing their going to be on stage at WM and literally playing. Would be cool if they had a confrontation with a wrestler. Mabye if Randy Orton - to further his character may attack one of them and then someone gets in the sve. Brian Johnson is pretty Big for his age, I reckon he works out so mabye he can...just a though on a twist. But its awesome to hear their at WM. Will be good publicity for Black Ice and the band. Mabye more people who are say, fans of WWE and will be there or watching it, will like AC/DC and buy their album, furthering their sales.
13 Feb 09
Just thought Id mention I read a week or two ago, that AC/DC aren't in fact going to Wrestlemania.