Drowning scenes in films

January 25, 2009 6:55am CST
This might seem a bit odd, but I'm looking for an incredibly graphic scene of someone drowing (or nearly drowning) in a film. Preferably a horror film, just because they tend to be more disturbing. Truth be told, I'm terrified of drowning, especially in confined spaces, so I'm trying to get over my fear. Does anyone have any recomendations?
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@balasri (26554)
• India
25 Jan 09
It is inevitable to get that choking feeling when you see someone drowning,or masked with a plastic bag.I too feel like gasping for breath.It is more disturbing than the gunshot or stabbing scenes.I just console and comfort myself saying to myself that it is only a movie.Do try that.
25 Jan 09
Yeah, that works for me with most things. To an extent, it even works with the drowning scenes, hence why I'm looking for a really horrific one. I think part of it is that as far as horror movies are concerned, I tend to end up watching those with a more paranormal fantasy feel to them - vampires, zombies and the like. So I can quite clearly see them as 'just being a movie'. With drowning though, it could actually happen and thats why it scares me a bit.
@sugarfloss (2140)
• Malaysia
25 Jan 09
hey there Lozzy!Checkout "What Lies Beneath". Sure to get you off your seat. Awesome shot of someone drowning. Tell me what you think.
25 Jan 09
Thanks! I've heard good things about that movie in general, so I keep meaning to watch it. Will go seek it out now :)