My Life/ What Would You Do?

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January 25, 2009 1:27pm CST
Okay I haven't been on here in awhile. So let me update everybody to what is really new in 2009 with me so far. Okay for starters I have been blessed with finding out that I am pregnant, only bad thing about it is that I am going to be raising my child by myself, there really isn't a problem with it but it is going to be a long journey. I had a boyfriend named Ryan but sadly in these last couple of days I have found out a lot about Ryan and he isn't the person I thought he was so I had since moved on. I mean ofcourse I will always have feelings for Ryan but the more I find out about him the more hurt I am. And seeingt hat I am a woman who isn't easily broken I know that I have to let things go between us right now. Wouldn't you do the same thing? I mean when I say that everything about Ryan was a lie I mean everything is a lie. The last couple of days have been very frustrating because there has been females all over Columbus,Ohio contacting me about him and telling me that they are with him, and this is crazy becasue Ryan tells me that I am his everything, I know that you shouldn't listen to what people say but what if it is like 20 girls and they are all saying the same thing. How do I breathe? If you were put in a situation where in a situation where all types of females where calling you how would you react what would you do? See I am the type that is strong enough to walk away because I know that Ryan isn't going to own up to this and be honest about all the girls because that is just the typical man. So right now I am at a high point because I have choosen to just leave him alone because I am not easily broken. What Would You Do?
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25 Jan 09
Just from what I've read here, it looks to me like you're doing the right thing. I wouldn't let this man ruin my life, either. And, based on what I can tell, you're going to be just fine raising your new baby (CONGRATULATION!!!) with or without him. Good luck!
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26 Jan 09
Explorations thank you so much! At first to me it seemed as though I wasn't doingt he right thing for the simples fact his family is telling me that I shouldn't listen to all the females that are contacting me and that me and him should just sit down and try to work things out. What I am trying to get his family to understand and realize that this isn't the first time Ryan has done this to me and as the looks of it if I take him back once again it may even happen another time and I am not a woman so is going to sit around and constantly be cheated on.