Do you know how to use linux

January 25, 2009 4:20pm CST
I once use linux, but I very confused when I used it. I even didn't know how to eject my flash disk
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@smurfuk76 (360)
25 Jan 09
im no expert but i run lunix on my acer aspire one netbook, take the time to get used to it it is soo smooth and runs so well. Never had it crash on me. Im a convert and am learning it slowly. stick at it
• Indonesia
25 Jan 09
Hoew long you study to use linux
26 Jan 09
i picked up the basics in about 2 months, from knowin nothing about it to being able to install apps and set up a gui.
@freerr (667)
• China
25 Mar 09
Hi adhim, Linux is difficult for normal user more than windows xp or vista, so you must study some basic linux commandar so that you can use it basicly.
@animestan (323)
• Canada
20 Mar 09
I remember a radio show (a humorous one) that said that linux should not be considered "linux" it should be nicknamed windows because noone knows how to use it unless you make it look like windows XD But for me, i havent used linux before so i dunno how to use it, but ubunto looks really cool
• China
27 Jan 09
I am using Ubuntu 8.10. It works very well. It took me a month to learn some basic skills. I will recommend you the book "Ubuntu Linux Bilbe", which is written by William von Hagen and published by Wiley. You may master the basic skills of Ubuntu by this book. Um,good luck.
• India
26 Jan 09
I am using ubuntu 8.1 desktop lite edition and i run it using live cd.... I use it very rarely and hence i have not installed it and whenever i want i just use the live cd...
• India
26 Jan 09
I use Ubuntu Linux(8.10). If you use linux from command prompt, it is bit difficult and it takes time to get adjusted with it. Nowadays Linux is also coming with GUI, so its bit easier. Just take a simple online course before starting to use Linux it will help a lot and there are many sites on net which offers free basic information about linux. Also learn the basic directory structure of Linux. Once you start using it you will find it easy.