Do you like the show Family Matters?

United States
January 26, 2009 2:52am CST
Lately I have had a hard time falling asleep and this show seems to help me. When I watch this show early morning hours it helps me to drift away to sleep. I get relaxed and fall asleep with a smile on my face because of how funny this show is. Everytime Steve Erkel finds a new way to try to get the girl of his dreams Laura Winslow you cant help but laugh. This show is entertaining and im glad they still play reruns on Nick at Night.
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• United States
24 May 09
LOL YESSSS I love this show!!!! I never paid much attention to it when it was airing in the 90s mainly because I was younger and really didn't care for it. Then about 5 years ago, my brother had it on and asked me to watch it and I instantly loved it. It is so funny and contrary to what some people say about how Steve Urkel ruined it, I think the storylines of Steve and Laura were much more interesting than those of the adults. I'm right there with you about the reruns on nick at nite, I even stayed up tonight to watch it LOL. :)