How will Hero recover his powers?

@zenki08 (700)
January 26, 2009 3:11am CST
I like watching heroes because one can't really know who is the hero or the enemy. But at the end of season 3 Hero Nakamura loses his powers. I like it when he telaports. How do you think will Hero recover his powers? Because basically his powers are responsible for changing the course of the story.
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@cd_lear (74)
26 Jan 09
I love Heroes too. I think Ando might give Hiro back his abilities. Ando has just got the ability to supercharger other peoples abilities, so that might give Hiro his back. Or Hiro might get an injection to get it back like Peter did.
@alankor (479)
• Singapore
27 Jan 09
i read somewhere that Hiro will teleport back to the future using his younger-self 's powers.then ando will give him back his powers when he supercharge him accidentally after an accident.i wish peter can also get back his powers as he seems to be the most powerful one among them.
@usaction (651)
• United States
27 Feb 09
Peter currently has his the power to mimic the last person he was in contact with. So, while all are in the jet, Peter gets Tracy's ice powers. Now, he has Nathan's flight, but he says he can only have one at a time. So, instead of being like Mimic with multiple powers, he's like Rouge, with only one power at a time.
@usaction (651)
• United States
27 Feb 09
I too believe it will be related to Hiro getting repowered by Ando. Hiro temporarily lost his powers in season one, and was on the quest to get the sword to regain his powers. He will have to go on another quest, this time to help Ando learn how to be a Hero, like with the wedding Ando tried to stop. Then, at some point, Ando will supercharge hiro, and he'll get his powers back.