@sammy14 (835)
January 26, 2009 4:38am CST
Why do you think women always become the culprit of broken relationships, marriages, broken families and even war!! Of course women disagree with this but this has been proven time and again...
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@laglen (19780)
• United States
26 Jan 09
but this has been proven time and again. Could you site where this has been proven? What about all of the instances where men leave their families because they can't take the commitment? The stress? I believe that the fault lies with both. But I would like to know where you got your information or did a woman leave you?
@sammy14 (835)
• Philippines
28 Jan 09
I beleive with what youre saying miss laglen but i dont have to cite you some researches just read the newspapers, watch tv etc. and that answers your question!! I care and love women, I pamper them thats why they dont leave me!!
@family4 (53)
• Canada
3 Feb 09
I believe that woman are sometime considered the reason for broken relationships/marriage broken families because the other woman has a hard time coming to terms with the fact that her "man" left her. There was a reason for this action. I am familiar with woman like this as I supposedly "stole" my husband 12 years ago. He had already left his ex girl-friend and was couch surfing, me being a long time friend let him borrow our couch along with 3 of his other friends. Approx 6 months later we began dating. He was my childhood crush and i found out he like me as well for 7-8 yrs previously as well. We took things slow, we didn't get married until 7 years into our relationship and had our daughter 8 years in. His ex to this very day blames me for everything. They were only together for a total of 2 years maximum, he stayed that long because she got pregnant after 3 months, (she stopped the pill, he didn't know) so being responsible he stayed, but it was a bad relationship, he didn't want his daughter to live in that so he left. She can't admit she had any part in the break up just passes the blame to us. Now I have "stolen" her daughter. Again she will not admit that her actions pushed her own child away, just blames someone else. It is sad to see but I do see it very often, people can't own up to their actions and take the consequences they are dealt.