January 26, 2009 8:56am CST
hi there,, well my dear my lotters i would like to ask you all that what is your pc configuration mine is:- dual core processor 2.2gb ddr 2 ram 3.160 gb hard disk 4.dvd writer 5.and most important nvidia geforce 6800
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@crosshair (120)
• India
26 Jan 09
mine is originally a HCL Ezeebee pc bought in the year 2005. after some changes the current specs are p4 3.oghz hyperthreading processor 80gb seagate 512x2 ram cooler master 550watt smps xfx 8600gts lg dvd writer asus dvd writer lightscribe wel the extra was bought accidentally and happened to join my pc instead of being waste
@spriggy (27)
26 Jan 09
Hi Ujjwalbatra, You would like to know my pc spec, ok here is my gaming machine specs: 1: Antec Hundred Blade case with Antec Liquid Cooler 2: Asus Crosshair II motherboard 3: AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition (Native @ 2.6Ghz but overclocked to 3.4) 4: Triple Geforce 9800 GTX running in triple SLI Mode (and guess what, these are overclocked aswell) 5: 1 x DVD +/- DL Writer 6: 1 x LG Blu-Ray Writer 7: 4 x 1TB HDD in Stripped Mirror Raid. I know what you thinking "Why so much power and storage", well I am a bit of a gamer and play "Crysis" quite alot. The storage is because my family have a direct link into my machine to store all of their music and images of their operating system so I am being a file server at the same time. I hope i'm not the only one on here with a machine of this stupidly high spec. Kind Regards p.s Did I forget to mention that I do work for an IT company and I just love gadgets.