Very messed up?

United States
January 26, 2009 11:32pm CST
Who thinks that this is very messed up?Well my mom lost her job because she embezzled 100 some thousand dollars from her work. Sold my dads house so she didnt goto jail, kept me from my dad, and then a few years later lost her own house and is now on crystal meth. All her life, she has been addicted to some kind of drug, whether it was pain killers, alcohol, crack, pot, meth, and anything else. And I am now living with my grandma, and so was she for about a week and now got a room in her boyfriends' friends' house. But a few days ago, she freaked out, because i talk really quite, and i guess she didnt hear me and freaked out and took my laptop. I had no problem with that, but my aunt who also lives here gave me it back saying that she shouldnt have taken it anyway. And then she freaked out again, and took a lot of expensive stuff that i have bought out of my room. like an xbox 360, ps2, psp, ps1, 2 xbox's, about 300 dollars worth of games, and my 300 dollar camcorder, and my 400 dollar paintball gun, a few airsoft guns, any anything else she could find. Iknow this sounds like im just complaining, but who really things that this is just sad and messed up?
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