cyber sousa

January 27, 2009 12:27am CST
Chinese White Dolphin is a worldwide one of the most endangered categories of marine life,but also China's marine mammal only the protection of animals at the national level,is the only named after a Chinese marine was known as the "sea of giant pandas","sea treasures"of.Chinese White Dolphin is very caring for young female dolphin,such as Aberdeen dolphins were captured,the female dolphin remained in the vicinity will be a long time rdfused to leave,as a result of coastal pollution,their numbers have been very few.At this point,I ask all humanityo must be very good to protect these precious animals,not to harm them again so that we and animals can live together in peace!
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@capirani (1841)
• United States
29 Jan 09
I was very curious in reading your title and the first few words of your discussion. Cyber Sousa. Sounds like something that will have to do with music of some sort and probably about John Phillips Sousa the great composer of marches. Also from where the name of the instrument sousaphone comes from. Then here you start talking about a Chinese White Dolphin. Well I like dolphins, so I was intrigued about what the title and the discussion had in common. When I read it all, I find nothing about anything connected to the title. So, what is the title about? What do you mean by Cyber Sousa?