Do you turn to the last page before you finish the reading?

@njblair (230)
January 27, 2009 3:52am CST
Hi mylotter,I have a question.When you read a story,if you are curious about ending, can not you help turning to the last page before you finish reading?...Which book is always interesting you? Best wishes and happy every day !:)
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@youless (95281)
• Guangzhou, China
31 Jan 09
No matter how attractive the book is, I will never read the ending before I finish this book. I have to be patient to it. Otherwise this book is less attractive since I already know the ending. I love China
@lazeebee (5468)
• Malaysia
29 Jan 09
Hi Njblair, sometimes the story is so enthralling that I can't wait for the end; so I can't help but read the end pages. Once I know the conclusion, I can still go back and read the rest of the book.
• United States
29 Jan 09
Yep thats me...the more i am into a story the more i want to know how it ends and sometimes i just cant wait. Some times i skip to the last couple of pages to see if i like the ending to see if i want to continue to read it. See i am one of those rare people who actually likes to know what is going to happen. Tell me the whole plot and ill still read the book. The thing is i am surrounded by people who don't want to know and wont tell me...its torture.
@regal_aeros (2606)
• Singapore
27 Jan 09
er well.. i normally flip to the last chapter and finish it up first. If i'm happy with the ending, i'd start from the beginning and read the entire book. I think i just can't wait. Beginnings are normally boring because it's the introduction and the character personality build up.
@murugezh (273)
• India
27 Jan 09
No I'll not do, all the books were not same but some cases like novels should not do, then there is no meaning in reading an novel with lot of turning point. So its accoring to the book that you are reading some general knowledge book if we need an reference from the last chapter then we have to go to the last chapter,there is no other way. But in novel that has immense of suspences and turning point we should go page by page to taste the experience, that awesome experience, I can't say in words.
@alankor (479)
• Singapore
27 Jan 09
I never turn to the last page of the book when I am reading.I like to start and end as smoothly as possible without any spoilers.My favorite genre would be fantasy and magic types especially those by David gemmell and r.a.Salvatore.I could really read finish the book in a day if time permits me.